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Readmor helps you build employee engagement through a shared reading experience. Making administration effortless in the process.

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Want to really impact your culture? Focus on books

Books are invaluable resources for building a strong community. Take your organization to the next level by promoting a culture of continuous learning.


Here is how Readmor works

Shaping the culture of your organization can be a tough challenge. Readmor is here to set you up for success.

Set Up Company Library

Upload your book list or use the global book directory to create a digital library experience for your team members

Administer Book Circulation

Keep track of your book inventory, manage book requests and create expense reports

Improve Employee Engagement

Create spaces for book discussions to foster a culture of reading


Make it easy to read more

Reading is one of the best, most affordable, and most flexible ways for you to improve yourself professionally. You want people to learn continuously - make it a habit in your organization.

Easy access to books

Easy access to books

Readmor powers diverse team types by supporting different book formats. Remote or in the office - you can make Readmor work for your company. Manage paper, ebook, and audiobook circulation all in one place.

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Built for engaging discussions

Built for engaging discussions

Bring your teams together with asynchronous communication. Whether it’s a Book Club for the entire team, a space for sci-fi fans, or business book enthusiasts - Readmor gives you the platform for focused and thoughtful discussions.

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Seamless organization

Seamless organization

Save time and lower your costs with effortless administration. Readmor helps you easily manage book requests, create expense reports and analyze reading and engagement patterns.

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What the research says

Don’t forget to reap the many benefits of reading books

Reading can reduce stress by
Critical thinking, leadership, creativity and other soft skills can be reinforced by reading and learning in the workplace.
Reading for just 30min a day can make you
20% more likely to feel satisfied with your life
It gives you a larger vocabulary
It helps improve social skills