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Readmor allows you to manage book requests, create expense reports and analyze reading and engagement patterns. Keep everything in one place and save time and admin costs with a modern book management system.

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Cut The Excel Files

Let’s be honest, unless you work in finance, you probably have a love-hate relationship with excel. We get it, we’ve been there. 

Unfortunately existing book management, where it exists at all, most often relies on clunky and ineffective spreadsheets. Not only does this involve huge amounts of time spent inputting data, but it can also mean that data easily gets lost or confused.

Having several sheets dictating who has read which books and when becomes a massive administrative task. This can slow down continuous learning progress in the workplace as a whole. 

This administrative issue also creates a problem when lending out physical copies of books. Unless sheets are kept rigidly updated, who knows when Sue took out that book on finance that she claims she never lost?

Readmor provides a new book management system that allows you to easily manage book requests, create expense reports and analyze reading and engagement patterns. Not only does this save you time and admin costs, but it allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy reading. 

We promise - the process is effortless!

Manage Book Requests

Manage Book Requests

Whether all of your team wants access to a particular book or you’re struggling with all the paperwork involved with keeping track of your library, this feature is for you. Readmor allows you to manage all book requests for either lending or purchasing. 

You can make purchases of books and lend them out within seconds! 

Keep Track of The Books

Keep Track of The Books

Don’t let administrative tasks drain you! Readmor helps you track book circulation, so you can seamlessly organize your library.  Like a real know-it-all, you will always be in the know about who has read which books and when. 

Set up an admin account and never lose a book again!

Access Advanced Analytics

Access Advanced Analytics

Readmor analytics harness the power of data to allow you to analyze and influence reading patterns and make well-informed decisions for your upcoming book purchases.

Dig into insights on employee engagement and figure out the most popular topics, most active members, and most-read books.