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When thinking about continuous learning, reading naturally comes to mind. If you want your teammates to grow and learn both professionally and personally - focus on getting more books into their hands.

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The Power Of Reading

No matter how much our society evolves, reading never stops being invaluable. Books are the oldest, yet still, most effective resource to expand minds, spark creativity and improve social skills. Therefore, encouraging your teammates to read more sounds like a no-brainer.

The challenge though comes when trying to optimize the reading habits. While there are potentially millions of books at our fingertips, choosing what, how, and when to read can get a little overwhelming.  

Setting up a reading culture presents quite a few unknowns. From the organizational side, whether you decide to purchase books on demand or create a physical library, there are questions that arise. What books should people be able to pick from? Should we provide paper, ebooks, audiobooks or all of them? What will be the process of employees picking what books to read, finding out what’s recommended for their role? 

Besides the technicalities, each team presents another set of unknowns while trying to make reading a habit of theirs. How can we inspire one another to read and discuss findings? How do we pick what to read? Should we try to read the same book or different ones bringing different points of view to the table? 

That’s when Readmor comes in. With millions of books to explore, bookshelves to organize, and effortless buying and lending processes - establishing a reading culture has never been so easy.

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The Right Book in The Right Hands at The Right Time...

The Right Book in The Right Hands at The Right Time...

...can change the world!

Our global database allows you to find more books that you and your team will love. Millions of books have been filtered through popular genres, so you could easily find your next read. Not sure what you’re looking for? Keep track of the books you’ve read and want to read and get inspired by seeing what others are reading!

This humongous book collection could also be used by managers to provide tailored recommendations to specific teams or team members. Harness the power of reading by granting your teams access to a streamlined digital ‘library’.

Unique Reading Culture

Unique Reading Culture

Culture is what makes your business unique.

Promote your company values by curating your own library. You can choose whether to bulk import a book list from your existing library or curate book collections from the Readmor database. This functionality gives you an opportunity to showcase titles you care about, put a focus on specific topics or have a theme of the month. 

No matter what you decide to do, you’ll find that your team is always challenged, inspired, and, most of all, improving.

The Organization Station

The Organization Station

Print books or digital books - that’s the question!?

You’ve probably heard it all - the paper book libraries, the gifting of kindles, the stipends to choose whatever.  But what if there is a way to have it all? Readmor is built to support requests to purchase and borrow no matter the book format. With paper, audiobook, and ebook options available you can have your team put requests for books that match their varying reading preferences.

To help evaluate both the process and the costs - Readmor will present reports on both book spends and circulation. A Win-Win!