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Reap the benefits of reading by setting up book clubs! Built async first, these book clubs work like a good old forum. Everyone will find their niche of interest and feel a sense of community. 

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Connecting People

Most organizations have adapted to working from home, finding new ways to communicate and work. Yet workplace culture is something that isn’t so easily translated online.

The company culture you once had may not cut it anymore. And while we all enjoy a virtual happy hour, it doesn’t quite compare to the real thing… Keeping all of the teams engaged and productive discussions flowing necessitates a new approach. 

You might be wondering how to build company culture while including remote team members? There might be an answer to your prayers - a digital continuous learning platform! 

Imagine a platform that provides a blend of learning and socialization. A platform where teams can learn, engage and grow through a shared reading experience. Remote, hybrid, or in-office it doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone can engage in their own time frame and make connections with like-minded people no matter the department they work in!

Sounds too good to be true? Keep on reading...

Get to Know Each Other

Get to Know Each Other

First things first - everyone needs a profile. Get your team members to show off and create a bio that will make them proud! These profiles make it easy to learn more about people that you work with, and get inspiration for your next read. Take Jessica for example, she is not your ordinary copywriter, she’s also a “Potterhead” and has hundreds of books on her ‘bookshelf’. 

With member profiles, you can click into anyone’s profile, see what books they’re reading and which groups they’re joining. Just invite your teammates and watch the magic unfold. 

Promote Focused Discussions

Promote Focused Discussions

Research says that the best way to remember new information is to share your thoughts and ideas with someone else. Readmor allows you to create spaces for focused and thoughtful discussions around any interest imaginable! These virtual book clubs can take many forms and shapes, and it’s extremely inclusive. Everyone can design a space that will work for them.

Create a group around a specific topic like business strategy, or simply get colleagues together to discuss their niche interests. Everything including book topics, timeline, and the whole reading/discussing process is up to them!

Set up your first book club and improve employee engagement by allowing everyone to connect to both their passion and to groups of like-minded colleagues. 

Async Communication

Async Communication

More and more companies have team members working all over the world in different time zones. This remote/hybrid shift can make scheduling live conversations difficult and impractical. That’s when async comes in! With asynchronous communication built-in, there is time and space for everyone to share their best ideas, and be heard.

The written format of async also creates evergreen value, so you can rest assured - none of your ideas will be lost again.